“One day in our early lives as women, everything changes. We start bleeding. It is the beginning of our menstrual cycle and it renders us different…”

‘Hormonal’ is a familiar label for any women exhibiting less than maximum self-control. In this book, Eleanor Morgan dismantles the taboos about women and their health – rejecting the idea that female bodies are mysterious, unknowable and, most importantly, in need of constant surveillance lest they go awry.

Morgan investigates the modern landscape of women and health, from contraception to PMS, anxiety and depression, examining our relationship with our bodies and what goes on inside them over the course of our reproductive lives. She also connects the historical stigma of the ‘hysterical’ woman to the edicts of the medical establishment and the #MeToo movement, detailing how women’s pain is still systematically dismissed and coded by men.

Hormonal explores why so much stigma and misinformation still exists and how we can learn to accept ourselves as we are.

Listen to excerpts from the audio book here.


"There is power in knowing ourselves better," writes Eleanor Morgan in her second book. Power through knowledge is precisely what she sets out to give the readers in this exploration into the myriad ways the body affects the mind. From a refresher course on the menstrual cycle to the societal and cultural ways in which women's bodies are controlled, Hormonal feels like an essential guide in helping us truly understand our cores” VOGUE

“Morgan peels away the mysteries of hormonal changes while stating clearly how long these discussions have been silenced. It's both fascinating and a huge relief to take this fresh look at our innermost selves in the company of a wise and kind voice” GRAZIA

"The joy of Eleanor Morgan's guide is just how revealing and informative it is . . . she has created a go-to manual that also acts as an understanding of our minds as well as our bodies - how hormones can affect your self-belief, anxiety levels, confidence and beyond. An essential read for all adults, it should also be made part of the core curriculum up and down the land” STYLIST

Hormonal is properly fascinating. This issue is huge and affects everything in our lives” SALI HUGHES, Guardian Weekend columnist, author of Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion and Our Rainbow Queen

Hormonal had me raging. It is brilliant on the fundamentally ignored reality of the female body, how women’s pain was/is not gauged kindly nor accurately, and the consequences of this for all of us. informative, funny, moving and wise. A must read. Should be on the bloody curriculum” JESSIE BURTON, Author of The Miniaturist, The Muse and The Restless Girls

“An urgent page-turner connecting the thread between the author's own reproductive history and the cultural, political, and social factors that convince women their bodies are up for grabs, Morgan makes a convincing case for calling out the patriarchal systems that substitute the word 'crazy' for real care. Reading Hormonal should be a rite of passage for every woman who wants to relearn her body and reclaim her self” SHEILA HAMILTON, Emmy Award-winning journalist, author of All the Things We Never knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness and host of the podcast Beyond Well


The Observer Magazine , Sunday 30th June 2019. Photo by  Jean Goldsmith .

The Observer Magazine, Sunday 30th June 2019. Photo by Jean Goldsmith.


Hormonal is being published by Seal Press (Little, Brown) in the US on August 27th 2019 as Hysterical: Why We Need to Talk About Women, Hormones, and Mental Health.